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How to Make The Right Choice?


The bride will usually find their hardest time in choosing a dress and make-up artist. And, based on our experience, these are the 4 most useful tips that can be used to solve these kinda issues:(Note: The sequence of steps below we specify in such a way based on the time effectiveness perspective).


Knowing the budget for bridal shopping (related to dresses, make-up & hair, and other accessories) in reality is the main point in determining the final decision on all available choices. There are so many choices of fashion designers, stylists and makeup artists nowadays, that offers various styles with different price range. So, when brides and grooms have a  spesific wedding budget, brides and grooms will be able to know the maximum limit for the bridal shopping. This budget arrangement should be supported by knowledge of the average vendor price with certain quality levels desired by each bride to be. For those who have an unlimited budget, they can go directly to step 2 because the budget is not a problem for bride to be in this group.


Gathering references about the wedding style / look that you want in accordance with the tastes and personality of each bride to be is the next step which is usually the first step for every bride to be because the idea and description of the concept of the wedding style is certainly a big dream of every bride . However, based on the reality and experience, the dream-wedding style must ultimately meet with the budget. Therefore, after knowing the maximum budget for each bride to be as well as brides to be who have unlimited budget, it will be wiser if the steps to determine the list of vendor options based on vendor’s quality reference are the second step. References on wedding style which includes the style of wedding gown, style of make-up and hair look can be obtained through a variety of inspirations that are available either from social media, or other platforms about wedding issues. And from those references, brides will be able to start searching for bridal shops or wedding dress designers and make-up artists in accordance with their quality requirements and match with the budget.


Who think about, “Is whether the second and third points are not reversed?  Or Shouldn’t the bride know what is appropriate for her first, so they can find references about their wedding look?”It will be a GOOD QUESTION for everyone who read this. And the answer why does this step is discussed after the previous step (make a Vendor List that match with the refrences of wedding style that you may love and also match with the budget), in fact, not all brides know or understand which style of their dream-look is ACTUALLY the most appropriate for them (underline this point! EXCEPT for brides who are very knowledgeable about their best style). So, usually what is easier for brides and grooms to do is visit the bridal shop or designer house that is already on the list of pre-selected vendors in accordance with their taste and budget levels that already done on our second step, so it will be very usefull to save your time (unless, the bride still have plenty of free time to visit many of bridal shops, just do it first before the firs and second step). Now, on this occasion, the bride-to-be can also discuss with the designers or stylists and also Make-up Artists from each bridal boutique / gallery visited (in accordance with the LIST that already prepared). And from the results of all those fitting  or discussion session, the bride usually will be able to find out the design of the dress and the look of hair & make-up that turns out to be most suitable in accordance with the character of their face and body shape.

It is not an uncommon situation for the EXQUISE by Tiffany’s team to meet brides to be who change their dress choices from their initial description about their dream-look, because they only care about the trend and sometimes they only refer to an idol who they love without understanding which style actually suits them best.

If the bride have found the suitable design, fabric material choice and Hair & Make-up look that is most suitable for her, the next important step is BE CONFIDENT! Believe me ladies, you will get a lot of inputs and advices from the closest person that you might think those inputs will be very important to increase your confidence.  But, actually who knows which choice is the best for you is YOURSLF. Just take all the inputs wisely. This self-confidence is the most important because your look cannot possibly suit everyone’s taste. But, once you have gained your confidence, then your aura of beauty will radiate to the maximum on the most special day you have waited for the whole time in your life. And the emotion of this kinda happiness will make your dresse and make-up look PERFECT.


After going through the data collection process and the “window shopping” session to several bridal shops or designer houses and Make-up studios, and also after you know which design is the best, then you will be able to determine the vendor (designer / make-up artist) ) which has the best communication relationship that can build trust in you. Communication and trust have a very important role for bride to be and vendor, because it makes you can convey your wishes or expectations, and the designer / make-up artist can get all the point well. And based on this trust, every designer or make-up artist can give their best efforts to produce works that are perfect according to the bride to be dreams.


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