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Our Director Thought

Our Director’s say. . .


Hi bride to be … I’m sure all of you who are currently reading the content of our blog are certainly in the planning of your wedding. Wedding preparation is very important for every woman. Each bride has a dream of their wedding day. And certainly every bride wants to be the prettiest, to be different from other brides, and of course being the most special on that day. And all of those preparation details will be one of your unforgettable momments in life.


EXQUISE by Tiffany as best friend of the bride is ready to help the bride and groom in getting the best look they dreamed of. Our team, which is a stylist, designer, Make-up artist and Hair Stylist, will help the bride and groom in realizing every idea and concept of their appearance. We believe that every bride has different characters, personalities and natural beauty. There is no single bride to be compared, but each of their personalities and beauty should be able to radiate to their best version on their most special day.


The dress design, the make-up look and the right hair style are the main points for the bride to look up on her wedding day. Therefore EXQUISE by Tiffany always places itself as a friend of the bride and groom, because it is through communication and discussion process that will make us understand the personality of each bride. Based on the experience and philosophy we have, the personality of the bride plays the most important role that underlies their taste for a particular appearance style, in addition to the influence of certain trends.


The EXQUISE by Tiffany team hopes that through our blog content based on our experiences with all brides and grooms, it can be a useful materials to help all the bride out there who is preparing their wedding. The most important thing that every bride must believes is getting know and understanding theirselves character and taste well is the main key in choosing the best style for them. Differences of opinion and tastes with the closest one does certainly exist, but if the bride can respond wisely to every inputs that comes, then in the end the choice of their personal look is their FULL RIGHT. Because the aura of beauty and happiness will emanate naturally and make the bride shine on the wedding day when they feel fully confident in their look. The EXQUISE by Tiffany team will always be ready to help the bride in deciding how to look at their experience and knowledge.


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